It Only Takes A Second

I have, probably like many of you, gotten used to the idea that traffic in Nashville will never get better, at least not in my lifetime.  Currently, there is no traffic plan in place for the future and I am not sure if there was one, it would work. 

So now we drive knowing that traffic will probably be a nightmare and just leaving a little early is the norm.  I am spending an inordinate amount of time on the road lately and surprisingly, my temper is doing okay.  

I had a conversation one day with a guy who is a transportation expert, allegedly.  He explained a bunch of things, most which put me to sleep but he talked about the flow of traffic and what adding a few lanes would and would not do.  That was interesting and I told him that one way I get around the insanity, is that I quite often let people in in front of me.  He was a little surprised at that but I said I don’t mind because that is what I would want something to do for me. 

I told him that there is one thing though, while driving, that I have to get over and I don’t know if I can.  He leaned in and said, “I love hearing driving and traffic stories.”  I told him, “Yes, when I let you in front of me, if you don’t give me a wave of thanks, my blood pressure rises to another level.”  He leaned back and said that is interesting.  I said no, it is common courtesy. 

Am I wrong on this? Do you get mad as well?  If you let me in, if I had time, I would put you on my Christmas card list.  I would invite you over for birthday parties and on.  I would buy you a beer.  Basically, we would become best friends.  It literally only takes a second.  Yes, a second to wave and say thanks.  He said that is a foolish thing to get upset about.  I asked where he was from and y’all probably already know what he was going to say.  To no surprise, he was from the north.  Boston, specifically.  I told him that southern hospitality is still alive and well, for most of us and 90% of the time, I will get that wave.  He asked, “So you will let that 10% ruin your day?”  Without hesitation, I said yes.  

He went on his way and I continued on mine.  I wondered if he was caught off guard  because maybe he didn’t know that was a thing for us down here, I am not sure.  I am alone in this?  It only takes a second and yes, I know there are a million other things that are more important this.  At least.  

I have always thought if courtesy ceased to exist, maybe we will as well.  I don’t know, I am still wearing unmatched socks at 55 years of age and still cry while watching Forrest Gump.  I just know that a simple wave goes a long, long way.  


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