I Have A Problem

I am a huge Zig Ziglar fan and if you don’t know who he is, google him and see.  A fascinating man who inspired millions to get up off the couch and live a better life.  He also said this which is the basis for this story-“The first step in solving a problem is to recognize that it does exist.”

I have a problem and I cannot stop doing it.  Here it is for all to see.

I steal pens.

Now before you call the cops, I don’t go into Walmart and walk out with a pack of pens.  Not yet anyway.  Steal might be a strong word so let’s use this instead-I borrow pens with no intentions of returning them.

I have pens from banks, insurance agents, cash advance centers, cable companies, restaurants, grand openings of blood donation centers, hotels (sorry Omni Nashville), special events, more restaurants, elementary schools, junior highs, high schools, career colleges, universities, more insurance agents, car dealerships, doctors’ offices, real estate testing centers, real estate agents, senior centers, car repair shops, and one I recently discovered by have zero idea how I got it, a Qunol Turmeric pen.  I just now looked up what that is.  It provides anti-inflammatory benefits for physical overexertion and can also help promote joint comfort.  I think this pen found me, not the other way around.

Then there are pens that just follow me no matter what is going on.  I got a pen from Whataburger last summer that I know I’ve left at about a dozen places and yet, it still shows up at my house.  For the record, I did not “steal” that one.

I am not sure when this problem will end but if you drive by a strip mall in Donelson one day and look over at a grand opening for “Big Joe’s Pens,” stop by and say hi.  And oh, please don’t steal my pens.  And don’t mention this story.

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