“What If?”

Not too long ago, I saw a story where a lady with dementia, went on a walk with her dog and unfortunately, got lost in the woods for three days.  She was eventually found when rescuers heard her dog barking and when they found her, the lady said her dog would not leave her side.  Then, someone commented, “Of course not, because dogs are angels.”

I read and re-read that comment no less than fifty times.  “Because dogs are angels.” I then thought, what if dogs are angels? I have gone down many a rabbit hole on this topic and it is quite fascinating to me.  Countless stories of dogs waking up their families when the house is on fire, or protecting them from an intruder or broke down and stranded in severe weather and out of the blue, a dog shows up and then they are rescued.  The stories go on and on and on.

“Because dogs are angels.”

Now if you ask dog owners, I am pretty sure the vote for yes would be about 99 percent, or what Reagan beat Mondale by in 1984.  We all can provide moments that our dogs did something or sensed that all is not good in a certain situation that helped us out.  By the way, I tried to interview cats for this story and they called the cops on me.

I went and posted something on Facebook about dogs being angels and I got a blistering response from a few people about this topic.  “Stupidest thing I have ever read on Facebook.”  Obviously they have not been on Facebook that long.  “Dogs are dogs and angels don’t exist, and this is just garbage.”  There were a few other comments that went down the same road.

I sat there and re-read that sentence again, “Because dogs are angels.”  I have a saying that when people say that a certain thing is unbelievable, that I reply with.  “A finite mind cannot understand an infinite God.”  Meaning to me that anything is possible when you believe.

Why not believe that our dogs are angels?  That is much better than thinking they are four-legged animals who love to eat, sleep and poop.  The comfort they provide, the sounding board they are for us and their devout loyalty is second to none in our lives.

Also, have you ever seen a service or therapy dog in action?  My goodness, it is a beautiful thing.  Hard to imagine another type of animal doing that and having the patience to go along with it.  A dog can be trained to call 911 in an emergency and stay with us, where (another cat joke coming), a cat will not do any of these things and would prefer to be left alone.  Did I mention they refused to be interviewed for this story?

In return, what do our dogs want from us?  Unconditional love and our time.  Not too bad.

What if dogs are angels?  You had me at “dogs.”




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