Some Things I Do Not Understand

Let’s start out by saying I am far from perfect.  Far.  As in the Sun to Jupiter far.  Or 65 south on the interstate from Rivergate to Nashville stuck in rush hour traffic far.  (That is probably a far better comparison.)

So when it comes to judging someone, I am not the best person to be doing it but after what I saw one recent evening at the grocery store, I had to do it.

I have always been mesmerized by those who will not put a grocery cart back where it belongs.  I am not talking about walking it all the way back into the store but there are slots in the parking lot that are usually pretty close to where you are and it takes minimal effort to put them back.

For example, saw a gentleman who parked close to me and after he unloaded his groceries, left his cart in a parking spot between us.  I had to know why.

“Excuse me, but are you going to just leave this here?”

“Why do you care?”

“Why don’t you care?”

He reluctantly grabbed the cart and walked it over and with all his might, slammed the cart into the rack.

I started thinking about successful people and whether or not, they would put their cart up.  Not billionaire’s, but those who have succeeded in life and their career and if a simple act such as returning or putting up a cart, really mattered to them.

For some reason, I think it matters.  I had football coaches forever tell me that if you take care of the small things, the big things will take care of themselves.

There was a viral moment in a Dallas Cowboys football game where quarterback Dak Prescott was throwing away a paper cup and missed the trash can.  He then got up, went and picked up the cup and tossed it away.  Took about 4 seconds and I became a big fan after that.  He didn’t have to do that but the little things matter and I am sure his mom instilled that in him.

The great Don Meyer always said, “Leave things better than you found them.”  Simple sentence but oh so powerful in every single way. Returning a shopping cart is something that is simple and shows character to walk it back to where it belongs.

It really is not rocket science but after seeing carts at the bottom of the parking lot, time and time again, maybe it is.

OK, we got this now let me go inside and let’s figure out how to self scan our items in a timely manner.  This may take awhile.



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