One Frickin’ Year Already?

Hard to believe that BJOTG is a year old.
A year!!
Funny, I was asked for about 5 years to start up a blog and for various reasons, I never did.   I was changing jobs, my mother was very sick and other things that were going on in my life that took precedent. Plus, who in the hell would want to read my drivel?
Well, that is a great question because, a lot of you do.  And have.  And I was and still am, very humbled by all who have read it and all who continue to read.
I really thought that maybe 25 people a day would get on here and read and that was that but man, was I blown away.
I just wanted to have some fun, tell a few stories and most of all, make you laugh and think.
We have been very serious on here, tried to be funny but mostly, make you walk away with something that made you smile, made you think or made you cry, a little.
My favorite story was this from last June.  The one about saying goodbye to my mom.  Took a lot to write that and boy was it tough.
Second, was this story. about my first car that brought back a flood of great memories.
But the one that got the most response, the one that got the most hits on was the story on why people should stay away from Nashville.  I wrote in tongue-in-cheek after I saw the story in Forbes on how Nashville has become the “IT” city in America.  When I say took off, it took off!  Several thousand hits and people linking  the story and sharing it.  Here it is if you missed it.

10 Reasons to Stay Away

No clue it was going to blow up like that, but it did and that was OK.
There were many other stories that I loved and then, some, not so much but that is OK.  You aren’t going to hit a home run every time at the plate.  But I am damn sure gonna swing for the fence every time.
Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful year.
Now on to round 2.

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