Ya gotta love ’em.

Titans have given us plenty in the last 16 seasons since being Nashville. 

Some good and a lot of bad. 

They lost to Baltimore on Sunday, 21-7 and are now 2-7.  

Here they are.






“How The Hell Did They Beat the Chiefs?”



“How In The Hell Did They Win 2 Games?”



“All About That Loss, No Winning, All About That Loss, No Winning”



“100% Of The Precincts Are Reporting, Titans Won’t Make The Playoffs In Our Lifetime”



“Why Is Shonn Greene Still On The Team?”




“Titans Punter Brett Kern Treated For Exhaustion.  Again.”



“CBS Drops Titans Games, Comedy Central Picks Them Up.”



“Hey, At Least They Aren’t The Raiders…..Yet”



“Titans Owner Tommy Smith Demands Changes, But After He Eats A Dozen Glazed First”



“Mistakes, Errors, Turnovers…And That Was Just Pregame.”



“Bring Back Fisher”






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