Titans Headlines


Just awful. 

Two 2-11 teams went to ‘battle’ on Sunday at LP Field and it was a game that lived up to expectations. 

Jets beat the Titans 16-11 and it was an historic game. 


In the history of the NFL, no game has ever ended 16-11.

So good job, good effort.

Here are the headlines from the game. 


“Titans Fail To Ground Jets”

(Stay with us, they kinda get better. Kinda.)



“11 Days To Christmas”




“Locker Starts, Gets Injured; CJ Rushes For 55 Yards; Titans Lose.  Headlines from 2011, ’12, ’13”



“Titans Vs. Jags.  The Battle For Number One!  Draft Pick That Is”



“Clipboard Jesus Fails to Raise His Team To Victory”

(Shut up! I have already asked for forgiveness.)


“Titans Have Lost 12 of 13.  Fans That Is.”



“Whitehurst & Whisenhunt & Why Us?”



“Titans Owner Refuses To Talk To Media.  Jim Wyatt Dresses Up Like Waffle House Waitress, Gets Exclusive.”




“LinkedIn Fails To Endorse Titans As NFL Team, And They Will Endorse Almost Anything”




“2014 Torture Report:  Page 1, Titans vs. Jets.”






  1. Steve December 15, 2014 3:38 pm  Reply

    Titans out-terrible’d the Jets and retain their draft position. “Hey, we’re doing everything we can to keep ticket prices down for our fans” said coach Whisenhunt after the game.

  2. Scott December 16, 2014 5:03 am  Reply

    ONE DOLLAR GETs YOU FOUR QUARTERS, Titans gets you two maybe three!

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