The Death Of Me

I started playing fantasy football back in 1991.

I think I am going to stop playing in 2013.

Now,  I have made this ‘threat’ many times before, but now, I think I mean it.


It is going to kill me.  The stress of playing fantasy football will do it.

I went to bed Monday night up by 26 points and ended up winning by 1.

1 point.

This is not the first time I have had a big lead and come close to losing it. Most times, I do end up losing.

1991, while working at a bar on a Monday night, I was up 11 points and the guy I was playing at Brad Baxter, fullback for the NY Jets.

Brad Baxter’s stats that night:  2 carries, 2 yards and 2 TD’s.

He scored 12 points.

I lost by one.

I punched a wall.

1994, Fred Barnett for the Philadelphia Eagles, scored two TDs in a span of 90 seconds, from Randall Cunningham.

I was up by 15

Lost by 3.  In the last 90 seconds.

I broke a rake in the front yard of my house.

2000, up by 1, but Broncos WR Rod Smith converts a two point conversion, on Monday Night Football.

I lost by, you guessed it, a point.

I was working at channel 2 at the time and in my rage, I picked up a trash can, went outside and destroyed it against the wall.


Because of fantasy football.

And there are numerous other cases where I have lost my mind over this.

Where my BP has gotten higher than Snoop Dogg.

Where I wanted to drive my car into a wall.  Or at least, over the guy I am playing in fantasy football.


Because of fantasy football.

Checking websites, player updates, injury reports, etc, nearly 24 hours a day is not only stupid, but really stupid.

Having the ESPN FFL app on my phone is the best/worst thing of all time.

As much as I try to get out of it, the damn thing pulls me back in.


But I am pretty sure when I will quit playing.

And that my friends, is when I die.

Cause of fantasy football.



  1. Phylis October 30, 2013 4:20 pm  Reply

    Dying from laughtet! Because of FFB!

  2. Phylis October 30, 2013 4:21 pm  Reply

    Dying from laughter! Because of FFB!

  3. Farris_TN October 30, 2013 4:32 pm  Reply

    How’s this for Fantasy Football Tragedy:

    2 years ago in our ESPN FF League I was in the Championship Game and had positioned myself up by 19 points or so with my opponent only having his QB left to play. I watched the whole game counting every point he got. I was up by 2 points on the final play of the game and his QB threw the pass incomplete. I went to bed KNOWING I had won our league.

    I posted song lyrics on our message board saying that I was indeed the CHAMPION!!

    Woke up the next morning and for some reason ESPN changed the stats which gave my opponent 3 more points and I ended up losing by 1.


    I’m still sick about it.

  4. Brutus November 4, 2013 10:31 pm  Reply

    I will never forget Brad Baxter, he had 11 TDs that year. If I remember correctly I picked him up during the season in one of my superior personnel moves. I don’t think Bill has ever got over me beating him in the championship game with Reggie Cobb. Cobb was also a late pick up during the season. After my championship season I faded into oblivion but I can still break anyone’s will during the draft and don’t forget it.

    • Joe Dubin November 7, 2013 3:53 pm  Reply

      What a great year that was. 1991…unreal….still remember cause you beat me in the first round…

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