…………Rejected Candy Hearts…..


Absolutely crushed that these did not make it


“You Look Like Garth Brooks”


“Can I Borrow Your Towel?  My Car Just Hit A Water Buffalo”


“Nice Dress. Walmart?”


“We Were On A Break”


“You’re A Champion Of Life”


“Have You Tried Smaller Portions?”


“Want To Check Out My Dossier?”


“What Do You Bench?”


“Ya Know, I Am Really Digging That New Florida-Georgia Line Song”


“We Should Take 440. It is never backed-up”


“I Like What You Have Done With The Uni-Brow”


“Do You Like Movies About Gladiators?”





  1. Brant Douglas February 14, 2019 5:40 pm  Reply

    I “Heart” Lane Kiffin
    Pull My Finger
    Turn Your Head and Cough
    That Hairball looks like Chewbacca

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