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whatever happened to Joe Biddle…



  • The Tennessee Titans lost to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday in a very lackluster game. Any coincidence that it was the series 4 opener of The Walking Dead?


  • Next, these are all films that were shot in Seattle, so we took poetic license after the Titans debacle…




  • Missouri beat Georgia on Saturday, which caused a bunch of people to say, “Wait, they are in the SEC? When did this happen?”


  • Vanderbilt and Tennessee both had the weekend off , which means both had the weekend off.


  • Tennessee announced that they will play Virginia Tech in 2016, inside Bristol Motor Speedway. It is expected to hold 160,000 fans. Or 88,000 teeth. #OhMyGodYouShutUp


  • Bob Costas is back in the news again for his social commentary. He said that it is time to change the Washington Redskins name. I 100% agree. Change it to the D.C. Redskins


  • This weekend, someone paid nearly 10K for Walter White’s underpants from Breaking Bad. 10K! So what do you do after you get them? I really have no joke here but seriously, what do you do with underpants?


  • The Walking Dead season 4 premiere opened to huge numbers Sunday night. You can now catch all of The Walking Dead shows on CSpan. (If I have to explain that, I need new friends.)


  • An Iranian newspaper reported on Sunday that Iran is close to launching a monkey into space sometime in the next month. In other news, gas is at 18 cents, I Love Lucy is the number one show and looks like JFK will beat Richard Nixon. Way to go Iran, 50 plus years behind. By the way, in 10 years, invest in a little store out of Arkansas called Walmart. You will thank me, in 50 years.





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