Doppelganger Delight

Thanks to Google, you can find anything out in an instant. Anything. Also, thanks to Googs, you put in a word or words in the

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image section and your day will sometimes be made.

That happened to me on Monday.

While researching the Johnny Football story, I came across some celebs and athletes, who look like other people.

Called doppelgangers. (Had no idea this word existed til a few years ago.)

For example,

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many people thank this is me.

NOT Big Joe

NOT Big Joe

Yes, I am NOT Brad Schmitt.

So you get what a doppelganger is.

The more I looked at pictures of famous people and their lookalikes, I literally laughed for an hour.

And I am still laughing.

Some of these you might have seen before. Some you may not have. There is one on here that literally had me doubled over. Can you guess which one?

So put aside worry Wednesday, and enjoy Doppelganger Delight.

Marshall Henderson and Sid from Toy Story

Marshall Henderson and Sid from Toy Story

HAHAHAHA......Joe Flacco and Bert!

HAHAHAHA……Joe Flacco and Bert!


































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