At Least Once A Month….At Least…

I got it!

I have figured out how to increase morale at work. It is so simple, maybe y’all need a refresher course. Hey-eeeeee!

Of course, a raise is the ultimate morale boost but since none of us are getting one, this is the next best thing.

The Dogpile.

No, no that kind of dogpile you freak, this kind.

Yes, the ole celebratory dogpile.

Can you imagine, your office, out back, ole Tommy Smith just closed a big account and everyone gathers to dogpile. Alice from accounting. Frank from IT. Bernice from the front desk. EVERYONE! All gather out back and just dogpile.

But why a dogpile Joe and not the Gatorade bath? Great question Joe and watch this video to see why those are bad.

Yes face plant. We don’t want anyone getting hurt. At least alone. Multiple injuries would be OK. Imagine Bernice telling her kids how she got hurt. ‘Well, it was this giant dogpile and I was on top of Fran, who was on top of Jake, who was face down on the ground. As I got up, Chuck elbowed me in the face, thus the missing teeth.’

Tell me that wouldn’t be the greatest story ever from work? Of course it would. New applicants will have to check off in the box, Do you like dogpiles? Have you ever been in one? If hired, you will be required to partake in one a month. Is that OK?


Look, it has become the rage in baseball and everyone seems to enjoy it. If you need to practice, go to Pump-It-Up. It is a kiddie place you damn freaks, get your minds out of the gutter. They have bounce houses you can try your dogpile skills on. Tell me a boss in the country who wouldn’t love this, when he

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asks, ‘hey what are you doing for lunch?’ You say, ‘Headed out to Pump-It-Up. Dogpile practice.’

Small grin.

So cheer up America. Morale boost is on the way.



  1. chargerjenn June 10, 2013 12:44 am  Reply

    hell yea! I am SO in! We should also make sure that at least 2 people are holding a portable camera as well to preserve for posterity of course! lol

  2. Amanda Hooten June 10, 2013 3:16 am  Reply

    Joe you never fail me!!! I am going to suggest this in our next faculty meeting!! Dogpile!!!

  3. Steve June 10, 2013 3:00 pm  Reply

    Joe I’ve been in several dog piles in my younger years. I always tried to be the last one on top , but one time I got caught near the bottom after hitting a home run. Needless to say I prefer the top!

  4. Steve June 10, 2013 3:37 pm  Reply

    I’ve been in on several dog piles in my younger days Joe. I always managed to be on top of the pile most of the time. One time I got caught on bottom after hitting a home run to win the game. Believe me top is better!

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