A Bank Robbery?? Really??

OK, we all have dreams.

Crazy ones, bizarre ones, WTF ones, etc. We all have them.

I used to have weird dreams a long time ago and I traced it back to when I would eat before going to bed, (Yes, I know, stupid), I would have these dreams that borderline paranoia.

For example, not kidding, I dreamed I beat up Barney in a parking lot.

Not Barney Fife, but this Barney.



My daughter used to watch copious amounts of Barney growing up, so that meant I did too.

A lot of Barney.

But beating up in a parking lot? Yes and very vivid.

And no, I wont go to a shrink.

So from time to time, a weird dream will pop up but nothing to get really rattled about.

Until Sunday night.

I woke up Monday morning, convinced I was a bank robber.

Ever seen the movie HEAT?


That was me.

Not kidding.

I had seen the movie over the weekend, again, and I have seen it about 30 times, off and on, in the last several years.

I was driving the get away car. And Robert DeNiro would not stop screaming at me!!


And I am yelling at him, “Holy Sh*t! You are Robert

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Bizarre and odd.

We drove down Broadway and somehow ended up on Briley Parkway.

The whole time, DeNiro was screaming at me.


Pretty sure I dropped a ‘That’s What She Said’ in there too.

Anyhoo, not sure how long this dream actually lasted. Could have been 15 seconds, could have been 3 hours.

I woke up and looked around the room.

What. The. Hell. Had just happened??

A bank robbery?? Really?

There is no telling what the next dream will be.

I have been watching a lot of The Walking Dead lately.

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Or maybe that was just the Titans playing football.


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