Go Do This One Thing Today

Every weekday as I head to the radio station for my radio show on 102.5 The Game, I drive down Donelson Pike and in doing so, it carries me next to one of the runways. Now because of all the construction going on, the road is almost parallel with the runway and you get to see planes taking off and landing all the time.  Every single time I see it happening, I am simply mesmerized.  As in I get so happy and can’t get enough of watching them come and go.  I absolutely love it.  I also have to be careful because one can drift over into the other lanes because you get lost in wonderment.  

One morning as I was heading in and watching a plane land, I started thinking that I cannot be the only one mesmerized by this. Then I went a step further and thought to myself, what in life mesmerizes you?  What is one thing you see that just makes you gaze in awe and wonderment?  My kids are a given but other than family, what do you see that fires up your adrenaline every time? 

My charge to you today, or tomorrow, or every day, go find that one thing that mesmerizes you.  A beautiful sunset also does that to me as well as a great rain in the summertime.  I know, I am weird but I love those things.  Nothing though, tops watching planes land and take off.  I cannot explain why, it just does.  

Maybe that is the beauty in being mesmerized.  You cannot explain it, you just know.  Waves on the beach also do that to me because it just never ends and each wave is different from the last one and the next one.

So once a day, find that one thing that mesmerizes you. It costs nothing yet it is absolutely priceless. 

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