My Old Summer Forgotten Friend

It is funny but from time to time, I get asked if I hate being bald.  Or, do I like being bald. Or, if I miss my hair.

I have a different answer depending on who it is.
“Oh my God, please don’t bring it up.  I am sensitive.”
“I shaved my head over the US Government’s policies in Guam.”
“I am a huge Michael Jordan fan so you know, wanted to be like Mike.”

It can go on and and on.

Every summer though, I do go back to my teenage years when I had a constant companion.  Not a car.  Not a girlfriend.  Not a dog.  Nope.  It is something that when I think about it, or see it, my mind goes immediately back to those summer years.

A certain something that was a must for me every summer and I didn’t leave the house without it. Took it with me every single place I went.
And damn, it made me look good.
How good?
This good.

Am I right?
That look, all because of this.

Don’t laugh, chances are, if you are over 30, you might have used it. Not a lot. But maybe once. Or 13, 428 times like I did.
Wet the hair down and go sit in the sun. For hours.
And if it didn’t look ‘blonde’ enough, you added more.
And more. And more.

I have been shaving my head for more than 20 years now but during summer I think back to all those times of swimming and pouring bottle after bottle on it.  The worst was the smell in my football helmet after practice but I continued to do it anyway.

Does anyone use it anymore?  I read somewhere it might have been responsible for early hair loss.  Had that been true, I would have been bold, completely bald, at 16.

God, that is just terrible.  Absolutely terrible.

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