A Pep Talk For 2024

Resolutions, resolutions and more resolutions.  That is all we want to talk about as we left 2023 and entered a new year.  We conjure up all these great things we want to do and my mid-February, that list is the same as my hairline, gone.

Remember, last year my resolution and somewhat advice for the next twelve months was a very easy one that I can happily say I accomplished.  It was to celebrate everyone’s success around me.  No matter how big, nor how small, I did not care, I was going to celebrate that success with you.  I have to say it was absolutely marvelous in every single way.   I wanted nothing in return and yet I got everything in return.

I will continue doing that into 2024 but something else I want you guys to try so please follow me.  I want you to do this for 2024 and see where it takes you.

Here we go.  Every morning, if you are on Facebook, you have a tab called “Memories.”  Click on it and it will take you back to whatever you posted on that day back to the moment you signed up on there.  I have to say most of my memories and postings are cringeworthy but every once in a while, there is one that sticks with you.

My reaction to those is “wow, that was 3 years ago?”  Or, “Wait a second, how was that a year ago?  That seems like it just happened yesterday.”  Almost all of them have the same feel to me of not believing that happened so long ago, yet it feels as if it is happening now.

Here is my challenge and advice to you now.  Why not, for just one year, go all in?  Seriously, just go all in.  A year passes by in the blink of an eye so whatever resolution you want to do, will be over in no time.

Want to lose weight?  Go all in for one year.  Want to read thirty books?  Go all in.  Want to train for a 5K?  Go all in.  Whatever you want to do, just go all in.  Not halfway and quit.  Not a third of the way and quit.  Go.  All.  In.

It is only for twelve months, not twelve years.  Remember, nothing, absolutely nothing, ever got accomplished by sitting on the couch.  Put yourself in uncomfortable situations and watch yourself just grow and be a much better person than you ever realized.

It is only 365 days and they will pass in the blink of an eye.

Just go all in!

What a wonderful story you will have to share and you won’t have some cringeworthy Facebook update like I have.  People will ask, “How did you do it?”  You already know the answer.

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Let’s Go!!!

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