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Why Not Start Today?

We are at that part of the calendar where we tell everyone that the next year is “our year.”  Yes sir, in 2024 and starting on January 1, I will own it and do this and do that.  I get told this several times around this time and I always say that is all great and I am proud of you but I always come back with one question and a blank stare follows. 

Why not start today?  Tonight?  This afternoon?  Whatever, but why not start today? What is it about all of us that by some magical potion that on January 1st our life will change?  I have yet to get back a response that makes me go, okay.  I am the guiltiest of the guilty in this until a friend did the same thing to me.  He said what is wrong with starting right now?  I stuttered and stammered and said, “You are right.”

It can start with not eating that one doughnut.  Or grabbing that fifth cup of coffee.  Or like me, stop drinking diet cokes.  It has been well documented that in these stories I was drinking five to seven diet cokes per day.  I stopped cold turkey and never looked back.  I didn’t have to walk ten miles, or hit the gym to start changing my life.  It also did not start on January the first.  

If you are on Instagram, there is a doctor that is a must follow who always posts inspirational messages.  His name is James DiNicolantonio and his IG handle is DrJamesDinic.  He posted this and it hit hard.  “A short workout is better than no workout.  A 15 minute walk is better than no walk.  A quick lifting session is better than no lifting at all.  Something is better than nothing.”  Simple yet powerful. You don’t have to spend hours in a gym starting out, just do it now.  Whatever it is you want to do, do it now. 

Also, what happens if on January the first, you don’t start?  You go to a party to watch football and eat everything in sight and say to yourself, “I will start tomorrow.  One day is no big deal.”  I am telling you to start today so when New Years Day rolls around, you are already in the mindset of making your health better and your life better.  I know this because again, I was there in your shoes.  

Start today and quit making January 1st  your default to getting better.  Start writing that book now.  Go for that quick walk.  Do that project you have put off your whole life. Drink water instead of sodas.  Join a gym.  Trust me, no one at the gym will laugh at you because no one cares.  Not a knock on you but really, if I am at the gym and see someone come in, I don’t give it two thoughts.  

It will do wonders for your mental health as well.  Once you see a few pounds come off, or you have written a few pages, or whatever you can do, not want to do, your whole mindset will change.  And then you become unstoppable.  

So why not start today?  Exactly.  You will be amazed at what you can do.

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