It Was Worth Every Second

It is hard to believe that the high school football regular season is coming to a close.  The playoffs are next and that means, half of the teams on the last Friday night of the season that are not advancing, their season is over.

With that, many seniors will be putting those helmets and shoulder pads on for the last time.  Ever.

Reflection will come and they will ask themselves, and others might as well, was all of it worth it?

Let me tell you that every single second was worth it.

Walking into that locker room and getting ready for practice and talking with your buddies while getting dressed—-Worth every single second.

Heading out to the practice field on a Monday when it is raining and others are at home—–Worth every single second.

Sweating through two-a-days when the temperature hovers around 100 degrees and you are not sure you are going to make it—-Worth every single second.

Sitting on a hot school bus with zero air coming through, heading to a school for a scrimmage in August—–Worth every single second.

Coming back home on that same bus when you just whipped a team that no one thought y’all could, except you and your teammates—Worth every single second.

Getting blocked and put on your butt and vowing that would never happen again—-Worth every single second.

Walking off that practice field on a Thursday as you get ready for a big Friday night game—-Worth every single second.

Going to those summer workouts while your friends are at the lake or the pool—–Worth every single second.

Walking back into that locker room after a big win at home and all of those friends cheering you on from the stands—–Worth every single second.

Holding your teammates hand after their dad just passed away and they know you are there for them—-Worth every single second.

Getting absolutely blasted by your coach for a missed assignment and you think he hates you—–Worth every single second, and he doesn’t.

That same coach hugging you as if you are the only thing that matters in the world after a big win—-Worth every single second.

Every moment preparing, every moment working out, every moment wearing that jersey around school or around town, every moment sweating, crying, celebrating and loving your teammates, it was worth every single second.

You went through every single emotion one goes through in a lifetime, and you had it all by the time you were 18.

Thank you for playing the greatest sport the good Lord put on planet earth.

I know, and trust me, because it was worth every single second.

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