It Only Lasts For A Season

In 1998, the St. Louis Rams ended their season at 4-12.  It followed a 5-11 season the year before.  In fact, the Rams were so bad that they only had one winning season in the 90’s.  Unfortunately, it was the following season, 1999, where they went 13-3 and won the Super Bowl over the Tennessee Titans.  

In one season, they were able to turn their team around and win the biggest prize in sports, the Lombardi Trophy, awarded to the team that wins the Super Bowl.  

There are similar stories in other sports and other NFL teams have been able to turn around their fortunes in one season.  There are a lot of reasons why a team can do it that quickly, but it can be done. 

Let’s keep that theme and apply it to things that we are all going through in our respective lives.   No matter what is happening, have the mindset that it only lasts a season.  Whatever it is you may be battling or in a position where you feel you are stuck, remember to keep grinding and ask God to help in your journey.  

How do I know?  Easy, I have been there.   In fact, I am pretty sure we have all been there but we did not know it.  Stuck at a job we don’t like or taking a job to get by, thinking to yourself that this is it, this is how it ends for me.  Or moving someplace and after awhile, not liking where you are.  It can be anything but always remember, it only lasts a season. 

I share this theme all the time and people always ask, “But Joe, how long does a season last?”  I always reply with, “Not forever.”  It is not to be a sarcastic reply, but an encouraging one.  No matter the mess you feel you are mired on, or the mess you may have created, it will not last forever.  I promise you that.  I put a tremendous amount of faith in Jesus and knowing that a situation will always get better.  

Prayer is a powerful tool, as we have mentioned numerous times in these posts, and use it as much and as often as you can.  When you feel as if you are stuck in that quicksand,  know that you are not and focus on that sunshine and bright day that is coming your way.  

It only lasts a season.  Where ever or what ever you feel you are stuck in, remember, it only lasts a season.  

If you want to talk and are struggling,  We can do this together. 

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