Monday Is The New Saturday For Comedy Lovers

You might not know it, but Nashville is quickly becoming known for something more than music and you might be surprised.  The town will forever be known as Music City obviously but something funny is happening in our city.  Actually, it is really funny.

In the last few years, some of the best comedians in the country have moved to Nashville.  There were already some living here but it has really exploded lately.  That is why Monday has become the new Saturday for all of us who love stand-up comedy.

Follow me on this for a moment.  Years ago, a friend of mine was in Los Angeles on business and on a Monday night, stopped in a comedy club to get a bite to eat and laugh for awhile.  He had no idea that in the middle of his dinner, Jay Leno would come out and put on about a thirty minute show.  He asked the manager why Jay Leno was not on the marquee and was told, “One night it is Leno, then it is Stephen Wright.  And if it not them, it is another famous comedian.  They need places to come, unannounced and practice their new material and see what works.”

Fast forward years later and the iconic Zanies in Nashville is doing the same thing and let me tell you, it is an absolute home run.  It is called New Material Monday and talent booker Lucy Sinsheimer puts together an amazing show each and every Monday.  There are about twelve or so comedians that hit the stage and have roughly about ten minutes to get their jokes in.  One of the best parts is that not every joke lands so you see the imperfections which makes you appreciate what they are doing even more.

I went on a Monday night recently and the place was sold out.  On a Monday!  When was the last time you went out on a Monday and had the time of your life?  Exactly.  The audience doesn’t know who is coming out on the stage and the tension builds until they come out the side door.  It is sorta like when your kid was born and you didn’t have a goofy gender reveal and you had no idea if it is a boy or a girl.  Not exactly the same but I thought it was a funny comparison.

Halfway through the evening and without any fan fare, Nate Bargatze comes out.  He does his set, we all laughed and he was off on his way. Two nights later, Nate sells out Red Rock in Colorado.   Then here comes Dusty Slay up on the stage.  Some of his jokes fall flat but we all laugh because he is laughing at how bad he thinks they are.  Next up is comedian John Crist.  He does the same thing.  I am told that comedian Theo Von approached Zanies with the idea of doing this as our new neighbors needed a place, like Jay Leno did, to try out all their new material.  Once it got going, it just took off.

Some comedians you might have never heard of come on the stage and that is okay but the anticipation of who is coming up next on the stage is palpable.  I am telling you that for one Monday evening, you need to stop by and take it all in.  The tickets are not that expensive, it is over by 9 and you have spent two hours laughing and forgetting about everything happening in the world.  I think it is the best thing going on in our city.

Also, this is part one of the story.  Part two is what happens when one gets invited up on the stage and has about six minutes to make people laugh.  Much easier said than done.  Trust me on this.


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