Christmas Cards: Yay or Nay?

I made a post the other day on Facebook about Christmas cards and whether or not people still send them.  The post I had was a picture of all the Die Hard bad guys in the movie who where in a group photo and I said, “Great Christmas card from the guys at the oil change place down the road.”  Then I added, does anyone send Christmas cards anymore?

I ask because usually I will get about 20 a year but this year, I have not received one.  Zero.  Yes, I have made the joke that I have run out of friends and that is the reason that no one sends me cards anymore.  The more I think on it, maybe that is so.

Anyhoo, I remember growing up and my grandparents would fill an entire refrigerator with Christmas cards from people they had not talked to in years, mixed in with long time friends.  Growing up, my mother and I got our fair share of cards as well but we never sent any out.

That is why I had to ask, if people still send the cards out or not?  Surprisingly, and overwhelmingly, the answer was yes.  Not just senior citizens who commented, but young adults who say they do it and love it.  I had no idea this was still a big thing to do and for some reason, it makes me happy inside.

So many of our traditions have been just let go or stopped for a myriad of reasons and I am so glad I posted what I did about Christmas cards and whether or not people still do it.  I get that we can see pictures of the family on Facebook or whatever social media platform one is on, but something about walking to the mailbox, opening it up and seeing cards from friends and family.  Well, for the people that get them, ha!

I think I might have been cursed a long time ago because the last Christmas card I sent out was a picture of me, my then wife and our cat.  We went to some pet store, signed up and got our picture taken with our beloved feline.  We even put a goofy Santa cat-hat on him and he posed as if he was told to do that.  It was adorable, if I say so.  We sent probably fifty out that year.  As I recall, not one person ever commented to us on that card.

Maybe that was a good thing.  So send on my friends, I am glad to see one tradition still going strong.

Now, just don’t ask me to go caroling.  No one has time for that.



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