You Absolutely Know It Is Going To Happen

In case you have not been to the Nashville airport lately, you will be in for a big surprise.  The entire place is going through a huge remodeling and construction that will completely transform the entire place.  New terminals, a hotel on the property, a bazillion parking places and on and on and on.

When it is all done, and looking at the renderings, it is going to be absolutely special.  We all know that corporations like to attach their names to anything so will we see the Nashville airport be named something else in honor of someone?


You may remember back in the fall of 2018, a Nashville politician suggested that the airport change it’s name to the Oprah Wynfrey International Airport and people were not having it.  I haven’t seen people get this upset in Nashville since a certain Mayor went on the Phil Donahue show and played his harmonica.  (Google and then you will laugh.)

But what should we name it if it was put up to vote? This got me thinking of all the absolutely insane and wonderful possibilities.  Enjoy!

–“The Good Luck Getting Anywhere in Nashville in 55 Minutes Airport”

–“The We Used to Make Country Music Here but Now We Really Don’t Know Airport”

“The Al Gore Would Have Been President Had His Home State Voted For Him Airport”

–“The We Tore Down a Perfectly Good Theme Park And Put Up A Shopping Mall Airport”

–“The Lulu Roman Airport”

–“The Home Of A Pro Football Team That Does A Magical Job Of Crushing Your Spirit Every Year Airport”

–“The Growing Up Here If You Told Me We Would Be Known As A Great Hockey City One Day I Would Have Laughed In Your Face Airport”

–“The We Have A Road Called Old Hickory Boulevard In Town That Has At Least 8 Other Names That Will Drive You Insane Figuring It Out Airport”

–“The Nashville Is Full So Stop Moving Here Airport”

–“The No We Have Not Seen Taylor Swift Around Airport”

And my personal favorite–“The Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters International Airport”

(Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know.)

See, the possibilities are endless and they are all awful and they are all perfect!

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