“Excuse Me, How Many A Day?”

I read someplace that if you really want to lose weight, for two weeks write down every single thing you have eaten and when those fourteen days are up, sit down and read that list.  They said you would be repulsed by not only what you have eaten but by all the money you have spent eating that food.

I then wondered if it applied to something else that I needed to stop doing and by writing it down, would it affect me in that same way of just being disgusted with myself.

The answer is yes.  Before I tell you what it is, I have talked to many of y’all and the same thing is happening in your world.

We can’t stop drinking diet Coke.  Nothing against Pepsi or Dr. Pepper and the rest, but specifically diet Coke.  I can’t stop and I have convinced myself that because the word “diet” is in there, it is okay that I drink 30 of them.

So, I decided to apply that approach for two weeks of writing down every time I drank a diet Coke and my goodness, it was eye-opening for me.  In a 14 day period, I drank 66 diet Cokes.  66!  I was drinking nearly 5 diet cokes per day.  Absolutely terrible.

Once I picked myself up off the floor, I sat down and looked at that list and thought for sure it would be only 30, if that.  Maybe 20 and I would be relieved.  I asked myself over and over and said, “How many a day?” Just awful.

Immediately, I stopped.  Just like that, I stopped and even had 8 diet cokes sitting in my ‘fridge.  I had a brief conversation with the 8 remaining cokes in there and said, “Look, it is not you, it is me.  It is just not working out and this hurts me far deeper than it does to you.  Please see the secretary on the way out for your severance check and best of luck.”

Now, there will be a chance that I might have one or two down the line but right now, nope.  I should have started writing how many I had on a daily basis down a long time ago but I can’t rewrite my diary, so we start from here and go forward.

I have now, reluctantly, started drinking more and more water.  For those that have known me a long time, no that my love water is almost nil but we have had some long talks on how we can work together so that is promising.

66 diet cokes in 14 days.  Just writing that again makes me sick to my stomach.

Next up on the list, how many egg mcmuffins do I consume from McDonalds on a two-week cycle.  I might need more paper for this one.

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