Please Settle This Debate

Spoiler alert:  This will not be a ground breaking, earth shattering post but I hope it goes a long, long way in settling a debate.

It seems that on both sides of this hot topic issue, neither one will budge an inch and has gotten comical to me.  This is also a post you will not see in the winter, or the fall, but only in the spring and the summer.

It it not political, thank God, nor does it have anything to do with sports or pop-culture.  You will probably think this is silly until you get caught in the middle of this debate and you will have to know the answer.

In fact, both answers are correct and it reminds me of the coke vs. soda debate which we all know if you say soda, you are weird.  Hey, I am from the south and it will always be a coke to me.

Anyhoo, here it is and I need your answer.

Do we call it a lightning bug or do we call it a firefly?  I think both answers are correct but if you say lightning bug and someone calls it a firefly, they will correct you immediately.  Likewise, I have seen someone call it a firefly and someone come right back with, “Where in the world are you from?  It is obviously a lightning bug!”  And that would be me.

Last summer, I saw two adults get into an argument about this, alcohol fueled, that reminded me of reading about the great Lincoln vs. Douglas debate.  Just kidding, this argument ended with one guy giving the one finger salute to the other guy and walking off.  I just imagined Douglas doing that to Lincoln after their debate and mumbling, “Whatever, dude.”

I will forever call it a lightning bug but I just need to know what y’all call it.

After second thought, maybe this is a ground breaking and earth shattering post.

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