“That Is It?”

As Facebook rolled out about fourteen or so years ago, I had scanned a ton of pictures of my kids and friends and cool things I have done throughout my life to upload to the site for not only for people to see but also, for posterity.  A place they would be forever in case I lost the pics or anything happened to me, I knew they would always be visible.

As I was scanning all the pics, I stopped and noticed I had hardly any of me and my mom.  Surely, this was an oversight and I had plenty of pics someplace else of us, just had to locate them.  I was disheartened to learn that in the thousands of pics, I only had four with my mom.

I asked myself a thousand times, “that is it?  Four?” Sadly, that was the answer.  I am not saying I should have five hundred with her and believe me, I cherish every single one of them, but come on Joe, you should have done better.

Here is my charge to you now and it is simple.  Take pics.  A lot of them with your mom.  Or dad, but for me, this applies only to what I should have done with my mom.

Holidays, take pics with her.  Take three dozen.  Heck, take five dozen.  Have so many pics with you and your mom, you have to pick and choose which ones you want to post if you had to.

Birthdays, take pics with her.

Special occasions, take pics with her.

Any occasion, take pics with her.

Just take pics with her and you won’t regret it.   She will complain and moan but after all, it is your mom and she will give in eventually, because that is what moms do.

I have a few pics with my mom and my kids but they were young and when she started to get sick and ultimately passed away, sadly, there were no opportunities.  My memory bank is overloaded with pics of her and I cherish every one of them.

Take pics so one day you won’t have to say to yourself, “that is it?”

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