Go Ahead And Press Send

Over Christmas, I had the honor being the emcee at an event in Nashville and as I was leaving, I was stopped by a lady who said, “You were great up there and I almost emailed you for our event, but I didn’t.”  Now for those who know me, these type of conversations drive me crazy and I will explain why.

I wrote a few weeks ago on three words that I have written down all over the place that I use for inspiration.  Make It Happen.  Yes, three words when put together and executed with passion, can absolutely turn your life around in so many wonderful ways.

“Why did you not email me?”  She was caught off-guard, I think by my response and then she said, “I thought you would say no so I decided not to.”  I paused, then looked at her and said, “You already had your answer before you started, congratulations,” I said jokingly.  She looked puzzled and said, “What do you mean?”  Here we go and I needed my soap box delivered ASAP because I was about to start preaching.   “When you didn’t email, you already had gotten your answer.  Always email.  Always.  I would have been honored to have done it.  Don’t let the word ‘no’ stop you.”

Seriously, how many times has that happened to us when we already defeat ourselves before we even start?  I will say at least a hundred times, maybe more. I will never forget when I had to get an internship when I was finishing up college at M.T.S.U.  I had to get one at a T.V. station and decided to call channel 2 because I knew they had one opening left.  I sat and stared at my phone for thirty minutes before I called.  Paralyzed with fear, I actually walked to my car to head back to work because I was on my lunch break and had driven home just to make that phone call.  “Get back in there and call, now,” the voice said.  I had no reason to ask who that voice belonged to because I already knew.  I walked back in, got on the phone and called.  Within five minutes, I had an appointment the next day, got my internship and never looked back.

I often think about where my life would have gone had I not picked up the phone and called.  Quickly as that thought comes, it is gone because I don’t have to worry about something that did not happen.

I love to tell this story whenever I get the chance because I hate seeing people battle ‘what-ifs’ as they make their journey in life.  You don’t have to and that is what drives me crazy.  I firmly believe that God wants us to be successful in every way possible, so pray big and dream big.

And remember, go ahead and press send.  You will be glad that you did.

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