We Already Have Everything We Need

One of my favorite things to do while watching a movie, is pull out my phone and hit my app for IMDB.  It is one of the best apps and websites you will ever come across.  Every single movie, actor, director, etc., is all listed there with some incredible information you might not have ever known.

I call it my “deep dive,” when I am on searching through it which oftentimes leads into the one word we all know so well, wormhole.

It is where you are reading about something, then click on something that is linked to that, then you find yourself clicking on yet something else and before you know it, you are in a place that even Google Maps would say, “You’re on your own with this one.  Good luck.”

Recently, and I don’t even remember the starting point, (see paragraph above), I got lost in that dang wormhole and landed on a thread of improving your life, which I have written about quite a bit on here. It led me to a Greek philosopher named Epictetus, who taught that all men are the sons of God and He has given us a will to govern our own thoughts.

Then I read this that stopped me in my tracks:

“God has already given us everything we need to succeed; we only need to look within ourselves.”


Again, few things make me pause and stand up and go take a walk and this did.  Amazingly strong and simple.  We can change the direction of a car by simply turning the steering wheel.  We are the steering wheel.  We are the driver and we can find our way on our own, and we do not need to go and purchase a brand new car, when the one we have is fine and all it needs is a tune-up.

I know a lot of us will make resolutions for the upcoming year of getting in shape, and being nicer, and doing more community work and on and on and on.  If you truly want to do that, you can read all the books you want and talk to all the people you want, but if you don’t put that one foot in front of the other, it really rings hollow.

If you really want that change, it starts inside of you and the tools are already there.

Thank you, wormhole, you finally made me feel as if I was not wasting my time, for once.

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