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A Little Advice…

Just about every day in Main Street Nashville, there is an article on another company who is picking up and moving to middle Tennessee.

I say, come one and come all, to the greatest community in all of these beautiful United States.

I also have a little advice for you, and this is free and it is perfect.  The best part is that it is most simple.

Get involved.

That is it, simply get involved.

I came from a place in my prior job where management couldn’t tell you the difference between Gallatin or Galaga.  Between Clarksville or Clark Kent.  Between Murfreesboro and Murphy Fair.

They literally had no clue about the area and the wonderful people that make up all parts of it.  Zero clue.  (Also, note to bosses–Do NOT park in the first spot outside the office.  That says all we need to know about you.)

But Joe, how do we get involved with so many things going on?  Easy.  Go talk to your employees.  Find out what non-profits or charities they support and go with them and I will say, they will know you care and then they will fight and work their tails off for you.

Get involved.

It is not a difficult thing to grasp and understand.  Invite these non-profits or charities into the workplace to talk for 30 minutes on what they are doing and how they can be your partner.  Do this once a week and it will work wonders getting you into the community and you will meet some incredible and beautiful people.

Sponsor little league teams, get into the schools and reward those who are excelling on and off the field, and work with animal and rescue shelters across the area.

And on and on and on and on.

I can only speak about my previous work life, but going once a year to plant trees or clean up a park, that is not getting involved, no matter how hard you try to spin it.  And boy, did you try to spin it.

Get involved.  There is simply no wrong answer here and in the end, you will love every single second of doing it and meeting people who will positively impact your life.

After all, why do you think everyone is moving here?



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