I Just Thought You Would Like To Know

From the moment my daughter came into this world, my mother would always talk about that day I get to walk her down the aisle.  My mom adored her little girl but as life would have it, my mother passed away and never got to see the moment she so vividly talked about.

So, I wrote her letter about the perfect day:

Mom, our little girl got married this past weekend.  I thought you would like to know.

She was more stunning than we ever imagined.  Those big brown eyes and that thick beautiful hair was perfect.  Remember when she was in her high chair and you taught me how to make a ponytail after I failed countless times?

As she came out of the house and started walking towards me, it felt as if time stopped.  That beautiful wedding dress and her perfect smile took my breath away.

There was not a single cloud in the sky and if you had asked God for a perfect day, He gave us one.

She made her way down the aisle to me and I saw a two year old girl that would stand up by the coffee table and just dance.  I saw a 5 year old girl who would fall asleep on my chest.  I saw 7 year old girl who held her brother for the first time.  I saw a 12 year old girl who stood on a pier on a July night in South Carolina and poured your ashes into the ocean.  I then saw a 23 year old girl who was about to become a woman.

I stopped halfway down taking her to the altar by asking her mom to walk with us.  Our girl didn’t know I was going to do that, but I know you would have loved it.  We both escorted her to the altar and handed her off.

And mom, let me tell you about the man she married.  He’s the perfect guy and you would have approved 100 percent.  He loves the Lord, comes from a great family and thinks she hung the moon.  He is the guy you dream your girl marries and she did.

It also felt as if the whole town was there to see her get married.  She looked like an angel standing next to her soon to be husband at the altar.  The service was perfect and then the preacher announced them as husband and wife.  They walked up the aisle to the cheers and whistles.

It was everything you said it would be. I felt your spirt in everything that was going on that day.  In the reception hall, there was a table set up with pictures of those that have passed on who would have been there.  The back right was a picture of you and me.

It was then that I lost it.

The reception was also as perfect as the wedding.  Dancing, laughing, hugging, happy tears and then, it was over, but for our angel, it was the beginning.

She is no longer a Dubin.  But she is forever, our little girl.

I just thought you would like to know.

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