You’re All Guilty!

Don’t say you do this, because you do.  We all do.
It is not a bad thing so much as it is funny.  But we all do it. 
I heard it two times on Wednesday and it made me laugh, because it was so wrong, yet so right.  And even heard it on a commercial. 
Anytime anyone asks you how to get from point A in Nashville to point B, we all say the same answer.
You wanna guess?  Think about it or a second. 
Or think about it for 15 minutes.
Yes, anytime anyone asks how long it takes to get around Music City, it is the same answer.  
15 minutes. 
For those familiar with Nashville, you will like this.  Someone asked how long it takes to get from Hermitage to Green Hills.  At 5 in the afternoon. 
15 minutes came the standard reply.  The guy said it without hesistation.
15 minutes will just get you from Green Hills to 440.  And in rush hour, good luck with that. 
And that is also if you don’t try to kill anyone driving in that mess over there.
 Yes, during non rush hour traffic, you might get somewhere in Nashville in 15 minutes, but that is if you are lucky there is no construction and driving at midnight. 
The other  time today was when someone was going from Antioch to Rivergate and was told , “15 minutes at most.”
15 minutes at most, is my second favorite answer.  It is the same answer for a pizza or ordering Chinese food.  15 minutes.
15 minutes is our way of saying, “I don’t really care where you are going and what for, so my standard screw you answer is 15 minutes.”
So the next time you hear someone say, “Oh, it is about 15 minutes,” give them this look.


And stop and listen to yourself and your friends when they ask how long it takes to get around our town.  I guarantee you 15 minutes will be the answer every time.
Except in reading this post, because it is 2 minutes in your life you will never get back.  

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