You Just Never Know

For the past week, and probably longer I just haven’t noticed, I spot a cardinal who just sits on a branch near my bedroom window.
I have seen this bird now for a week straight.
I know the mystique of the cardinal and what it means to see one repeatedly but this bird is peculiar for some reason. On this day I am writing, he stared at me in the window. As if he was some sort of spy. Or peeping Tom and even typing that makes me laugh.
He just stared.
Meanwhile, I leave and have to go to a store to buy my son’s birthday gift and as I pull out of the driveway, there this bird sat.
An hour later, I am walking out of the store, I see this guy heading straight for me. This should be interesting.
“Hey man, is your name Joe?”
“Yes, it is. How are you?”
“Is your mom’s name, Marjie?”
Random since my mother passed away 9 years ago.
“Yes, yes it is. Why?”
“I was her physical therapist when she was in rehab and I was just thinking about her and was wondering how she was doing. She was spunky and had a lot of fire and was so much fun. And then, I look up and there you were.”
Huh? You ever feel as if in the middle of the day, you are in a dream and not quite sure what is going on? No? Well, I did at this time.
His name was Heath and we talked for a few more minutes and I thanked him for remembering my mom in such a sweet way.
I go home and go upstairs and guess what, remember that cardinal that just stared at me constantly? I looked out and it was gone.
I went back down to the garage and started to clean out my car. As I walked to the trash can, sitting next to it, a cardinal.
A bright red cardinal. Not sure if it was the same one but does it really matter. As I approached, the bird didn’t move. I told said bird about Heath and the encounter at the store. I walked back to my car, to get more things, still talking and looked over, the cardinal was gone.
What does it all mean? You just never know. Or maybe, we do.

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