“You Got A Quick Sec?”

Run now.
Run when someone asks you, “Hey Man, you got a quick sec?”
Invariably, it is something you don’t need.
Don’t want.
And a combination of both.
A few weeks ago, got an email from an old friend.
You know the kind where you start reading it and ask yourself, ‘Umm, where is this going?’
“Joe, you got a quick second? I wanna talk to you about a great opportunity that you might be interested in.”
Oh really, I should have written back, does it involve murdering you?
Now this also applies to when your boss asks if ‘You have a quick second’ too.
Or fake an injury. Or start crying.
But who has the nerve to just email you out of the blue to ask if you’re interested in this or that?
Lemme ask, would you ever do that? Email an old friend and quickly ask them if they are interested in this great thing you have discovered?
Of course not.
No one would. Well, almost no one.
Take your Amway, your Advocare or that damn travel business and shove it!
If I want it, I will find it and go see about it.
Now do you have a quick second for me?
I got something I wanna tell ya. And it won’t take long.

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