Yet Another Addiction

Here we go again.
Another damn addiction.
I used to be addicted to coca-cola but I beat that. 
I am still addicted to stealing pens from offices.  That will never end.
Now we have a new one.
My first addiction was back in 1995 from playing this game. 
Remember it?

A computer game where you are on a mystical island and you were trying to find the secret there.
I also gained 40 pounds playing this in about 3 months.  
I ate, slept, and dreamed about that stupid game.
I never even completed it and got so mad at the game sometimes, I would go outside and just scream. 
I finally got over my addiction to the game and moved on.
Then this stupid game happened. 

Words With Friends
It almost turned into, “I would like to murder my friends.”
Again, eating, sleeping and dreaming about a game.  I played it constantly. Even calling out those who would just beat me silly on there, claiming they had downloaded the “cheat app” to help them win.  I did bust one person using it though and that validated most of my hopes and dreams in life. 
I finally had to delete it off my phone because it was making me so mad. 
But, I am a changed my now. 
Much better to let some stupid silly game take over my life. 
Then this happened. 

It has now taken over my life. 
Trivia Crack. 
If you haven’t played it, don’t.  Trust me, don’t do it. And by saying don’t do it, do it.  I need more of my friends wasting their time like I am doing all day long, playing this game. 
I have even called out those I am playing to “Quit doing your dumb day job and play, now!”
If you do play, those little cute icons up there will start to taunt you and you will start yelling back at them and then you realize you are yelling at a game and pray that no one is around. 
I am telling you, do NOT download the game because it will take all of your time. 
Plus, if you do get it, and challenge me, remember, I cannot be responsible for my actions. 
Damn addiction.

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