If it happened just one time, I would brush it off.  But when it happens about 30 times, I simply laugh. 
Eating lunch and one older gentleman keeps staring at me.  And staring at me.  And staring at me.  He finally walks over and says, “Excuse me, are you on T.V.?”  “Yes Sir, how are you today?”  He paused, almost relieved and says, “Farmer Charlie, I will be damned.”  As I go to tell him that I am not, I notice that he is acting like me if I win the Powerball, absolute joy. 
And, who am I to ruin someone’s day.  
It happened at the YMCA where I go.  3 times.
It happened at Chik-Fil-A in Hermitage with 2 couples who kept looking, looking away, looking again at me. They finally walked over, all nervous and asked me if I was him. 
“Uhh, the guy from TV?”
“Jesus is on TV, a lot.”
“No, the other guy. From the commercial.”
Yes, I could have kept this going all day long but I knew where they were headed.
“Yes, I am him.”  “I knew it!”  The guy high-fives me and walks off. 
I never told them my name, or his name, or anyones name. 
But it happens all the time. 
This is who they think I am.  The Farmer Charlie dude-

Here is me-

My favorite one was at the mall, when I really knew this was causing consternation is some folks.  Guy comes over and says, ‘My wife and I have a bet.  I say you are Big Joe from Channel 4, my wife says you are Farmer Charlie from the insurance commercials.”  I pondered this for about 5 seconds.  “What if I told you that I was both?”  This was his look….

Completely blew his mind.  He actually believed it.  Walked away for a second, came back and said, “Are you serious?”  His wife comes over and says, “It is him isn’t it.” Husband says, “We both win and lose.  He is both.” 
This was her look….

I just walked off and wished them a good day.  Again, if it happened once or twice, no biggie, but it happens quite a bit.  
So now I just say, “Yes, that is me.”  I can only hope has gotten at least one, “Hey, the bald dude from channel 4,” and it absolutely blows his mind.  

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