Why I Hate Bob Saget


I hate Bob Saget.
Before I tell you why, let’s set a few things straight.
I have never met him.
I have never seen him when he has come through Nashville on a comedy stop.
In fact, those that I have talked to that know Bob Saget, say he is, a great guy.
He probably is.
I still hate him though.
And will for probably ever.
Here is the thing, its not even his fault.
You see back in the mid 90’s when I was going through job after job after job, about 27 in a 4 year span or so, I would live for the weekend.
Live for it. Couldn’t wait for it get here.
But even on Friday, I couldn’t stop thinking about Monday and resuming my pathetic path of jobs.
Here is where Bob Saget comes in.
Sunday nights. 6 p.m.
America’s Funniest Home Videos would come on and hosted by, you guessed it, Bob Saget.
It signaled my weekend was over.
Back to the grindstone of being a giant loser.
Whatever fun I had that weekend, when Bob Saget came on the TV those Sunday nights, it was over.
Bob Fu*king Saget!
Thank God I am a much better place than I was 20 years ago, but somewhere out there, Bob Saget is smiling. Making people laugh and living off Full House memories.
I still hate him though.
Some things are just too hard to let go of.
And that’s what she said.

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