Why I Hate Bob Saget

I hate Bob Saget.

Hate is a strong word, but let’s just say a strong dislike.

Before I tell you why, let’s set a few things straight:
I have never met him. I have never seen him when he has come through Nashville on a comedy stop.  And he is at Zanies this weekend which made me remember this.

In fact, those that I have talked to that know Bob Saget, say he is a great guy.  He probably is. I still loathe him though.

And here is the wildest thing.  It is not even his fault. At all.  Come walk with me down my memory lane.  Watch out for the potholes though, there are many.  Every one I created.

You see back in the mid 90’s when I was going through job after job after job, about a million in a 4 year span or so, I would live for the weekend.  Live for it. Couldn’t wait for it get here.

Here is where Bob Saget comes in to play.  Sunday nights. 6 p.m.
America’s Funniest Home Videos would come on and hosted by, you guessed it, Bob Saget.

It signaled my weekend was over.  Absolutely over.  It was back to the grindstone and whatever fun I had that weekend, when Bob Saget came on the TV those Sunday nights, it was a distant memory.  This went on for years and yes, I am crazy and remember, it was all Bob Saget’s fault.

Here is another crazy part of this story.  I have talked to many over the years who have thought the same thing.  They would turn on AFV on Sunday nights and there he was and it also told them, weekend over.  Sorry, Moose out front should have told you, except it was Bob Saget.

Again, not Bob Saget’s fault, at all.  It is as if Bob was a Times Square billboard that said, “Hey losers, weekend is now over.”

Thank God I am a much better place than I was 25 years ago, but somewhere out there, Bob Saget is smiling and making people laugh and living off Full House residuals.

And still torturing me, and others, with those bad memories.  But, as Robin Williams told Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting, picture me telling Bob Saget this, “It is not your fault.  It is not your fault.”

I now love you, Bob Saget.  You and me are a work in progress.


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