Who Cares???

It came out on Monday that Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari turned down a 7 year, $80 million dollar deal to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers, then agreed to a nice fat contract extension to remain head coach at Kentucky with a 7 year, $52 million dollar deal.
Nick Saban signed a 8 year, $6.9 million per year extension to stay at the University of Alabama, it was reported last week.
People are pissed at all of this.
I say, Who Cares?
Really, who cares how much they make?
Does it really affect you that Saban and Calipari are making that much money?
I say they earned it and more power to them.
I want us all to be rich.  And why not?
Butch Jones makes nearly $4 million coaching football at Tennessee.  Good!
Most of the coaches in the SEC in football are making close to 3 million a year or more.
Yet, people are griping non-stop.
But when some actor makes bank in a movie, where is the bitching then?
Quick, how much did Jack Nicholson make for playing the Joker in Batman?

Any guesses?
He made $60 million.
$60 million dollars for that role.
Any griping?  Exactly.
What about this guy?

Jerry Seinfeld is worth $800 million dollars.
$800 million!
I say great for all of them.  Absolutely great.
A friend of mine years ago, got a job making a lot of money.  Another friend said, “I hate that guy.  Making that much money.  I hope he fails.  Don’t  you?”
I replied, “Uh, No.  I want all my friends to make money.  I want them all to be successful.  The better off they are, who knows, they might give us a job someday.”
So let’s stop bitching about who makes what and this coaching salaries.
Don’t come at me with higher ticket prices that you have to pay for.  All games are on TV now, watch them there.  Instead of going to 5, go to 2 of them.
At the end of the day and all is said and done, I ask again, Who Cares?

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