“Who Are You Again?”

One of the best parts of working in the media is often you get asked to host certain events or be a presenter at one of them.
Wednesday night, I will be presenting an award at the Celebration of Champions awards at the Grand Ole Opry House and I love getting to do this.  My 5th year being a presenter and I have always considered it an honor to be a part of it because they do it right and there is never a problem.
Same cannot be said of other events I have hosted.
One year, I got asked to host the Murfreesboro Jazz Festival and the organizer told me to get there about an hour before I got on stage, to meet some of the bands and take in some of the fun.
But, the person who asked me to come host the event, well, they were not around when it was time to introduce me, so I could introduce the bands.
The place was packed and we walked on stage and the guy grabs the mic and doesn’t realize that the mic is on.
“Hey, who are you again?”
“Joe Dubin from channel 2.”
“Is that Irish?”
“No, it is my last name.”
“(pause) Are you sure it isn’t Irish?”
“I am pretty sure it is my last name.”
All of this, every single second, over a hot mic, blasting to a packed crowd.
“OK, lets get this great night started.”
And he hands me the mic and walks off.
My favorite one was back in 2009, hosting a big event in Nashville and it was also in front of a packed house, or should I say arena.  Heck yes I was nervous but I had a script in front of me so all was going to be OK, right?
The script was 10 pages for introductions and special presentations but the person in charge of giving me the script, left out 4 pages and stapled them wrong.
I did not know this until about 3 minutes in when I thanked the guy for singing the national anthem and I said, “Wow, amazing.  Thank you.”
Problem, he had not sung the anthem.  That was on a previous page that was not with me.
As I read that, someone on the podium behind me says, “What are you doing?” in a very stern voice.
I turned around, completely disheveled.
The person who gave me the script was standing near the stage, her head in her hands.
It was worse than you could have possibly imagined.
And finally, got asked to be a judge at a chili cook-off and those are always so much fun to do.
I show up and get on stage and they start to introduce us to the crowd.  I was 4th in line and the lady is going down the list and reads my name completely wrong.
“I am sorry, but I don’t have you on this list.  I think you are not supposed to be up there.  Are you sure you are at the right place?”
Into a hot mic, over the loud speaker and in front of a big crowd.
The person who asked me to come be a part of the event, forgot to let them know I was coming.
I stepped back, walked off the stage and went to the back of the room.
Funny?  You are damn right it was funny.
But the chili was very good.  And I had seconds, thirds, fourths, etc.


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