When Did It Hit You?

When did it hit you?
Was it something you said?
Or, was it something you did?
Is it the way you fold your clothes?
Is it the way you make your bed?
What was it?
For me, it was when I saw my daughter got a B in her science class recently.
“You will not skate through high school the way I did. You won’t do it. I won’t let you Because you are so much smarter than I ever was. Or ever will be. You will turn this around and get an A.”
That was the moment I turned into my mom.
That was the moment I became her.
Not a bad thing, at all
But that was it.
I had that tone.
One I had heard so much growing up.
And there it was.
Now you don’t have to have kids to turn into your mom or dad.
It can be anything.
I thought it might have been my affinity for crossword puzzles, the same affinity she had for those.
But it was when I was talking to my daughter that I realized, I am her.
And right now, that is as close to heaven for me as it can get.

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