‘What They Meant to Say”

It is Thursday and that means it is time for our most popular segment on BigJoeOnTheGo.com and that is, ‘What They Meant to Say.’
We filter through the coach speak (one play at a time, look at the film and get better, blah blah puke, etc,) and tell you what the coaches, really wanted to say.


“Tennessee is playing great football now, they have an outstanding offensive line, and their coach has them believing in what they are trying to teach. This will be another tough challenge for us.”


“We should beat them by only 45. I plan on leaving at halftime and fly to Austin and join my wife in house hunting. Did I just say that? No I didn’t. If
you repeat this, I will have you killed.”

“There is no quit in this football team. Zero. We will fight til the bitter end. Alabama might have beaten us 52-0, but we will not quit!”


“Holy Sh*t! When do we play Arkansas St. and Austin Peay? Has Wisconsin filled that opening when their coach left?


“It has been a process for this team. Just had to get them to believe in themselves. And then get them to believe in us. We will get there. Brick by brick.”


“Let’s see here. Who is next on the schedule for us? (Looks at schedule on the wall.) Can I take a week off?”


“We are not the same old Vanderbilt. I have told you for a long time now, we are not the same old Vanderbilt. Hop on the bandwagon because we are going places. “


“One more win. Just one more big win and my ass is out of here. One more win. Come on bitches!”


“We have to look each other in the eye and ask, ‘Are we full in? Are we full in this together.’ This season is not over, now is the time to find out what we are made of.”


“I take back what I said about my cracker ass quarterback. That little rat bastard is a baller. Holla at ya favorite coach, nah!”


“There is never a Saturday off in this league. You win some, you lose some. You have to go back out and try to win and not try to lose. The worst thing you can do is lose. Losing is the opposite of winning. Winning is the opposite of losing. It is like smoking a cigarette. Eventually, you have to start smoking. Maybe smoke a cigar. Maybe smoke both. But if you quit, that makes you a quitter. I don’t like quitters. Let’s all try to win.”



“No doubt. We are a hurting football team. But that is not going to be our excuse. No one is going to feel sorry for us. No one.


“I went to the doctor on Tuesday. My BP was Miley over Kim Kardashian, in guys they have slept with. In the last year. 455 over 620.”

“Are we dreaming? Cause if we are, I don’t want to wake up.”


“It’s Pinkel. Rhymes with Tinkle. And yes, we are in the SEC. Please don’t ask again.”


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