What The???

It means, proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern.
If you think everything happens for a reason, then random means nothing to you.
Because, what happened Tuesday night in Nashville to me, is random, plus eleventybillion.
Leaving the Nashville Predators hockey game, heading home and walking in front of the Hilton, I noticed someone coming my direction, but heading to their car.
I looked up and who do I see?

Geraldo.  Geraldo Rivera.  Jerry Rivers.
See told you, random.  Although, living in Nashville which has become the “IT” city, these things happen more and more.  Usually, with country music singers or maybe an actor or two, but this was just surreal and bizarre.
Geraldo is one of the most polarizing figures in the last 30 years from the debacle of what was in Al Capone’s vault, (Nothing except a copy of TV Guide with Barney Miller on the cover, a Cubs jersey and a form from H&R Block to get his taxes done,) to getting smashed in the face by a Nazi/White Supremacist idiot, to his stints on 20/20 and his run-ins with Bill O’Reilly.
He was super fantastic and posed for pictures with everyone that was standing around there and finally noticed, what was going on.  He said he was in town doing a story on Elvis, who would have turned 80 in January, and how Nashville was a part of his journey through life.
I think up til last night but favorite random encounter was seeing former Nashville sports TV legend Bob Bell at the Ebro Dog Track outside of Panama City.  Or seeing Teddy Bart next to me a red light many years ago.  God, I need to get out more.
But, Geraldo though.  So random.

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