What The Duck??

Lord Almighty, everyone is up in arms, good and bad over what this duck dude said about gays.
A&E has suspended him from their show and who knows what will happen.
But this is not the first time a show has suspended one of it’s stars.
Here are some of those that got in trouble for saying things that maybe they shoudn’t have.

In April of 1966, was suspended for 6 weeks because it was discovered he was neither a captain, or a kangaroo. When asked about his suspension,  he said,  “We will post our response on Facebook at the right time.”  Since this was the 60’s, Facebook was considered a pornography reference, the Captain was put in jail for another 30 days.
When released, the captain made many references to “Dropping the soap” on his show, which  most though to be the ole ‘clean your mouth out with soap’ if you curse.  The captain would laugh inside at that when he sat down years later for a gripping tell all interview with Hoda and Kathie Lee, who both passed out drunk during the interview.

Was suspended for 6 months when he was caught sniffing glue backstage at the Ryman before a show in 1982.  Did a sit down interview with Rolling Stone a few weeks later, said that he had sex with Mick Jagger, out of wedlock.

Mr. Rogers was suspended for one year when he gave a tell all interview to Marie Claire and talked about being in touch with his feminine side and said and how he liked to dress up like Mama Cass and Sophia Loren.  When PBS  suspended him, Barry Tubbins, his real name, went on a cocaine bender and was found in Tijuana where he had married a donkey.

The RoadRunner, real name Henry Ginsbeg, was suspended for 6 months when it was revealed he was on performance enhancing drugs.  He gave an interview to TV Guide where he admitted getting steroid shots in the butt by a slew of celebrities, including Walt Disney and Schneider from One Day At A Time.

Before he hosted Jeopardy, Alex Trebek was the host of a Canadian game show called, How Big Is It?  The show was about guessing how big a hockey player’s stick is and in one show, a contestant got a wrong answer and Trebek said, ‘HOW FU*KING STUPID ARE YOU?  The contestant was the wife of former Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau, who had Trebek thrown in jail, for ‘Not being a good Canadian.’

Was suspended for one year when, on his show one morning, asked at the time First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson if she would, “Honk on his bobo.”  Lady Bird said absolutely and Bozo proceeded to, well, and the Secret Service stepped in.  Bozo told the Nashville Banner in a all too revealing interview that he “was hopped on some shi* that Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson gave him one night at Tootsie’s.”  Bozo spent 3 months in jail for his actions.

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