“What About The Headlines??”

Wow, everyone is talking about how Vandy got crushed by Temple Thursday night, 37-7, in Nashville. 
After coming off 3 straight seasons of going to a bowl, if last night was any indication, the only bowling they will be doing is at the Strike and Spare off of Charlotte. 
So we at BJOTG have searched far and wide for the headlines to describe last night’s Vandy’s debacle.


“Temple Shoots Vandy In Their’s”

“Plunder and Lightning”

“Vandy put the ‘Dud’ in Dudley Field”

“Temple, LOL LOL”

“Deja VU!”

“Owls Make Vandy Say ‘Who’s Your Daddy?”

“Two-Hour Delay, Three Hour Ass-Kicking.”

“Anchor Down Turns into S.O.S.  Same Old Sh*t!”

“Vandy Loses Game, Wins Jersey-Gate, Fans Happy.”
“And You Thought Breaking Bad Was Over?  Vandy Says Not Yet” 
“Anchor Frown”
“Anchor Drown”



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