Welcome To The World

Thursday, my son turns 8 years old.
Time certainly does fly because it seems like just yesterday he was inside his mom’s belly, wrapped twice around the umbilical cord.
Yes, twice.  Around the cord.
Emergency C-Section and about 23 minutes later, a screaming little baby boy entered the world.
And it has been non-stop ever since.
To me, little boys and little girls are a lot alike.  Cuddly, loving, full of exploration, etc.
And they are different in a lot of ways.
My daughter is 15 and like most girls, they will take their time with something and nurture it and love it.
Boys, not so much.  They would rip the FedEx man’s heart out to get to their box that is for them.
Little boys destroy things and ask questions later.
And that is OK.
Little boys smell, dear God, do they smell.
And that is OK.
Little boys are obsessed with their mom.
And that is certainly OK.
Little boys get scared at night.
And that is OK.
Little boys can eat you out of house and home.
And that is OK.
Little boys want to be Batman more than Superman.  Then in the next breath, Superman more than Batman.
And that is OK.
He can run head first into a wall and get up smiling.  A bee can come within 10 feet, he is a bucket of tears.
And that is OK.
Little boys are certainly full of starting any kind of trouble at any moment.
And that is OK.
When my son was born, my mother came to see him in the hospital.  Her health was already failing at this time and I knew deep down, she would not be around to see this amazing little baby, grow into this wonderful boy he is today.
She handed JJ back to me and said, “He is going to give you trouble.  And you’re going to love every second of it.”

(My mom with my son on his first birthday.  This pic seems like yesterday and in some ways, I wish it was.)
Always right.
Happy Birthday J.J. Dubin

I love you.

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