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Every once in awhile, a story comes along and just rips your heart out.
Thursday, mine did.
It was a story I saw on Channel 4, WSMV.

On November 30th, Hillsboro High school football player Chris Chapman’s mom passed away.
She died in his arms. 
They held the visitation Thursday night, December 11th. 
Why 12 days later?
Chris was an only child and he can’t afford to bury his mom. 
Read that again please.
He can’t afford to bury his mom. 
Imagine being in his shoes for just 10 seconds and tell me you don’t get sick to your stomach.  
In high school, an only child and your mom passes away. 
I told my bosses at the radio station about this and what I wanted to do and they said, absolutely!
Friday morning on 94.9 Game 2, ESPN Radio Nashville at 7:45, Chris’ coach Craig Clayton, will join me on the show to talk more about this young man and what all he is going through. 
With your help, by 5 P.M on Friday, I would like to have enough money raised so Chris can properly bury his mom and say goodbye. 
The booster club at Hillsboro High School is doing all they can to help the situation but their work is far from complete.
Here is the P.O.Box and info if you would like to mail a check:
Hillsboro Quarterback Clubc/o Chapman Family FundPO Box 150242Nashville, TN 37215
But, if you or your office would like to gather some money and drop off a check at Hillsboro High School on Friday, that would be greatly appreciated.  The high school is located in Green Hills and the address is:
3812 Hillsboro Pk, Nashville, Tn  37215
And just make the check out to the Hillsboro Quarterback club, C/O Chapman Family Fund.  Any other monies raised beyond the funeral cost will go into a trust fund for Chris. 
Here is the link for the GoFundMe account.

Here is the original story from WSMV:
 Read more: http://www.wsmv.com/story/27560589/football-team-rallies-around-player-who-lost-mother#ixzz3LeGVIo2P
Thank you all for helping.

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