Titans Next Kicker?

The Titans continue to make moves, popular and unpopular, this offseason that will dramatically affect the football team in 2014.

Wednesday, the team released 9 year veteran, kicker Rob Bironas. so the search is on to replace him.

As always, we at BJOTG have a list that the Titans need to look at before they make any decisions.

One of these has to be on the time next year, just because.





Has experience missing kicks and look at him, can double as left tackle in emergency situations.  Or center.  Or guard.







They are paying him a lot of money, perhaps too much, so in order to shut me and others up, have him double dip as a kicker.  And when he makes the kick, have the PA guy say, “IT IS UP AND OHER.  GOOD!” #NoYouShutTheHellUp









Speaking of Oher, his family, the Tuouhy’s from Memphis, will now be at every single game so sign one of them to kick because I am pretty sure we will get tired of seeing them on TV in the stands by halftime of the first preseason game.  Don’t want to boo them but if they miss field goals, it is on.





THIS is my favorite one.  Titans owner Tommy Smith, in order to save a few bucks, becomes the kicker.  Lordy, this would be dynamic.  Imagine the publicity this would garner around the league and the country.  I want him to petition the league so he can wear number 100 and when he goes out for the kicks, he is in this…




Please someone, make this happen.  Don’t care if it is the Titans or any other team, but please make this happen.  And his number, would be 1/2 and he would come out on the field like this……







Why not? Look his career ended in Nashville in 2003 not the way he wanted and he could come back and have one final year as a kicker.  Although, if this guy showed up, Eddie would miss every kick and quit.





This guy makes me giggle.  If he kicks the ball as well as he searches his name on twitter, this is the best hire of all time.





He just turned 80 and his retired from fishing plus he can tell the current team what it was like to win a playoff game.



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