Like a slow painful death, the Titans 2014 miserable season as come to a miserable end. 

The Colts beat the Titans 27-10 and they finished with their worst season since the Millard Fillmore administration at 2-14. 


So, here are the headlines from Sunday’s loss.



“Lather, Rinse, Repeat”



“Whisenhunt Vows Changes; Fans Hope It’s His Address”



“It’s Over.  Thank God, It’s Over”



“Titans To Clean Out Lockers On Monday; Vegas Has The Lockers At A 6-Point Favorite”




“Titans Owner Tommy Smith Wants Changes in 2015.  But First, A Nap”



“Colts Win Division; Titans Fail By Adding And Subtracting”





“Yep, Munchak Was The Problem”





“Titans Fans, You The Real MVP”




“Publix To Leave Nashville Once Jameis Winston Is Drafted  By Titans”





“Titans Beat Writer Jim Wyatt To Undergo Shock Therapy For What He Has Seen The Last 5 Years”




“Titans To Get Highest Draft Pick Since Pacman Jones”

(Let that one sink in for a second.)



“Titans Owner Tommy Smith To Be On UNDERCOVER BOSS; He Will Be Section 112, 113 & 114”




“361 Days Til Christmas”

















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