Titans’ Fans Questions Answered

(Titans Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt)
Summer is now over.  With NFL teams reporting to training camps this weekend, including the Tennessee Titans, we can put a cap on the summer of 2014.
And as we do every year, this being the first, we have opened our mailbag to Titans’ fans as they ask questions about this year’s team.  We received a ton of responses and we tried our best to answer each and every one of them.
Q:  “Big Joe, what kind of season do you think the Titans will have with a new coach and new players?  Thanks!”
(Gary from Bowling Green)

A: Gary, great question. 
Q:  “Big Joe, with Chris Johnson now with the Jets, who do you think will carry the ball most?  Thanks.”
(Chuck from Memphis)
Q: Chuck, I am gonna say probably one of the players on the roster.

Q:  “Big Joe, This team has not won a playoff game in over 10 years.”
(Nick from Houston)

A: Nick, we asked for questions, not statements.  Pathetic. 

Q:  “Big Joe, can Jake Locker stay healthy for an entire season?”
(Jake from Seattle)

A:  Dude, what do I look like, a psychic?  Or a Doctor?  Why don’t YOU ask him!

Q: “Big Joe, the Titans haven’t been to the playoffs in 6 years now.  Are Titans fans becoming apathetic?”
(Suzanne from Franklin)

A: Sorry Suzanne, not a Titans fan. 

Q: “Big Joe, a lot of positions are up for grabs.  How do you see it all working out.”
(Zach from Brentwood)

A: With my eyes.

Q:  “Big Joe, the reports that Jake Locker has a lazy eye, as a QB, does that hurt him throwing?”
(Michael from Clarksville)

A: Michael, are we sure it is a lazy eye, or maybe that eye has a poor work ethic. 

Q:  “Big Joe, realistically, what do you think this team will do this season?”
(Rudy from WSMV)

A:  Finally, a great question.  Realistically, I see them playing 16 games, with a week off somewhere during the season.

Q:  “Big Joe, is this 2014 Titans team one that would make Bud Adams smile?”
(Robbie from Nashville)

A:  I am sure it will make him smile.  I will ask him during camp.
(Ed.Note:  Bud Adams died last October)


Q:  “Big Joe, the Titans have run a 4-3 defense for years.  New defensive coordinator Ray Horton runs a 3-4.  What is the biggest difference you think will happen?
(Jeff from Murfreesboro)

A:  Holy Sh*t!  Ray Horton runs a 3-4??!!  Do you have any idea how fast that is?  Dear God, put him on the field.  I had no clue he was that fast!”

There you have it!  Thanks everyone for all of the questions and we will do this again in the preseason!

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