THIS Is the Golden Age of TV

The Golden age of TV.
What does that really mean?
Golden means olden and so does it mean the days of yesteryear in TV?
Friends, THIS is the golden age of TV.
I could care less about HD or how big your TV is and your sound system.
It helps enhance the product but if it is bad, it enhances the bad too.
In our history, there have never been more great TV shows on the air than in the last 2 years. Sure, the Sopranos might go down as the best TV show of all time and rightfully so, but during the Sopranos run, no show came close to it. Not even in the same zip code.
Here is a list of the shows that in the last few years that have literally wrapped us around their finger and continue to do so.

The Walking Dead
Game of Thrones
Boardwalk Empire
True Detective
Breaking Bad
Eastbound & Down (Don’t laugh, it is a damn good show.)
Mad Men
Downton Abbey

I am sure I have left off several others that people are loving right now.
These shows have influenced our pop culture like never before.
If you are not watching at least 2 of those shows mentioned above, I ask why not? We have, or at least most of us have DVR’s so taping them should be no problem.
If are not watching any of these, I say start with Breaking Bad. Here is the trailer for the first 4 seasons that was so well done.

I never watched the Sopranos because at the time I did not have HBO. (Insert poor here.) I became addicted to Dexter, which ended its run last summer in not so great fashion, but got wrapped up in Homeland and The Walking Dead and it has
been worth every minute.
(How addicted am I to The Walking Dead? When I go eat, I check exits just in case I need to get the hell out of there. And no, I am not kidding.)
So when you hear people reference “The Golden Age of TV,” just let them talk because you know, right now, is the golden age of TV.

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