“Then You Go Home…..”

At some point, every person should be a coach.

I don’t care what you coach, as long as you do it, one time.

You will have a better appreciation of a lot of things including your blood pressure, your stress level, the way you say things, the way you handle things and so on.

I have well documented before about coaching my son’s basketball team the last few years and the fact that I haven’t died from it, is a miracle from God.

Coaching my son’s 8-9 year old is a whole different level of stress that is both equal parts incredible and gut-wrenching.

It is like you are conducting an acting class and drama, laughter and anger are the 3 emotions we will explore during our game this week.


“JJ, why are you crying?”

“Because I got stuck at third base.”

“But that is OK, we scored 4 runs this inning and we tied the game.”


I wonder if Tim Corbin has to deal with that and if so, that would be most awesome.


“OK Nate, when you get to third, look at the coach and then, go home.”

“But I can’t.”

“You can’t go home?”


“Why can’t you go home?”

“Because my parents went to the store and I don’t have a ride.”

“No, not that home, that home.” (Points towards home plate.)

“Wait, once I touch third, then I go home?”

“Yes, you touch third and then, you go home.”

“Why do they call it home?”

“Because they just do.”


Another one of the kids, has gotten hit after hit after hit in the games, so he comes to bat in the most recent game and strikes out.

“Buddy, what is wrong?”

“When I am batting, I can hear people talking.”


“I think they are talking about me.”

“Trust me son, they aren’t.”

“I know they are looking at me.”

“Of course, because you are batting.”

“Can we go someplace else and bat without people talking about me and looking at me?”

“No, it doesn’t work that way.  You will do fine.  You have done great.”

“Thanks.  But will you tell them not to look at me or talk to me.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Can you at least try?”


Best part though, is when they get it.

When we are down by 5 runs in the last inning and we score 6 to win.

When the one kid who hasn’t gotten a hit all year, hits a home run and gets to the dugout and starts crying.

When the kid playing pitcher, hasn’t had the best game at the plate, but makes 3 put outs in the bottom of the last inning and we win by one run because he refused to let a bad night at the plate bother him.

When one of the the kids’ grandpa pulls me aside in the parking lot and says, “Thank you for your time with the kids.”

Then you go home, with a smile.

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