The Top Five

Since Nashville is quickly becoming the IT city, a lot of folks are arriving in our sweet town en masse to figure out what is going on here and why it has become so special. 
And everywhere you turn, you see list after list of what to do and where to go and who to see. 
One list you haven’t seen?  
Best public restrooms.  
That’s right, y’all coming to town need to know EVERYTHING about our city, so here you go. 
The top 5 places to go potty when you come to Nashville.
Yes, this is scientific and proven.  
Trust me on this. 


Located about 20 minutes south of Nashville in majestic Franklin/Cool Springs, this hotel has outstanding bathrooms.  Pretend like you are going to the sports bar, and take a left right before you do, then another left and boom, you are in a Taj Mahal of bathrooms.  Now one prerequisite is that they must be clean, like heaven clean and this one certainly is.  When you are done, simply retrace your steps and you are back in the parking lot.  After 8pm, tough luck though. 



One of the most underrated hotels and bathrooms in the city.  Near the airport but the friendly staff will greet as you make your march to the bathroom, all the while thinking you are going up to “your room.”  The bathrooms are not as spacious as the others on this list but remember, cleanliness is next to Godliness and also, it is never crowded.  



This hotel, OMG!  Let me tell you that first off.  It might be the most immaculate hotel I have ever been in.  Everyone in this hotel treats you like a King, trust me on this.  And the bathrooms, spotless and roomy.  And, what have we talked about in being the number one thing that each hotel bathroom must have to make this list?  That’s right, cleanliness..   This might have been number one but the next two, I have a history there but the Omni is spectacular.  


Talk about a history together.  This place and I go way back.  All the way back to 1988 when one summer day, I stalked the band Def Leppard when they were in town.  Even followed Joe Elliott to the bathroom and no, I didn’t go in.  
Also, stalked Phil Collins there in September of 1990 when he was in town for 4 days before a show at Starwood and being there so much, I ended up getting a job as a bouncer at the old McGavocks night club there.  
The bathrooms there, always clean and never crowded.  Perfect spot to go when you are stalking. 


To tell you how much I love this hotel, would take weeks, maybe years.  Now chances are  you guys won’t make it down to the Boro, but if you do, this place is simply wonderful.  When I was working at WKRN, I was down doing a story on MTSU football and there was a tornado warning so I saw the hotel and decided to duck in and my life changed forever.  The bathrooms there are like an island unto themselves.  A beautiful island you would see in the south Pacific, perhaps Bora Bora.  If Tahiti was a bathroom, it would reside at the Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro.  

Trust me on these my friends, Big Joe would not steer you wrong.  I sh*t you not. 


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